.echo. 10.15.09..


Echo has red hair and skin so pale you can see her blood vessels dilate as she blushes.

Echo has black hair and sallow skin that grate like scales.

Echo has straight hair and no curves.

Echo has voluptuous hair and sinuous contours.


Her mother, who can’t see, complains: 

bejeezus Echy, make up your mind. I don’t give a damn what color your hair is. It’s gonna fall out someday. So’s your skin. It feels tight and supple now, wait til you get to my age. Ever heard of small pox? The Indians? You could pull their skins off like peeling boiled beets. 

Don’t like beets? I don’t care about that either. You’re gonna eat these beets.

If your urine isn’t purple tomorrow you know what’s coming.

It’s good for you. What’s good for you doesn’t have to taste good. You don't know what's good for you.


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