.always tired.


BB Wolf:

Since you're gone I've been writing to you more, and it is now obvious that we don't actually talk about anything when we are together. and I have never been able to admit it but your looks do bother me. You have big teeth and freaky eyes. And a big nose. I can't really think when I am around you. I feel like you're going to eat me. You'd be popular among Twilight fans. 
How is Alice doing? God. I can't believe you're doing Alice. She's half as tall as you. 
Just now there was a giant thunder clap and it made me think of you. Some people might say it's romantic but you should know that the only thing it means is that I blanch when you enter the room.
So, good thing you're not here. 
My garden is doing moderately well. Last week my flowers were not so hot because I forgot to water them. And then my virtual garden pretty much died because I accidentally hit erase. 
Ok, well, talk to you later I guess.

Little Red.

Alice / Wolf


.i fall down. 10.02.09.

Wolf, I told you not to leave the toilet seat up twenty times already. I also told you not to leave your socks on the floor. I tripped on your stinking socks today. I have a huge bruise on my ass, and a cut in my hand. If you're wondering why there is blood everywhere it's because you leave your socks on the floor. I'm not cooking dinner tonight unless you want bloody sandwiches. Get your own dinner.

By the way, Grendel wants his mp3 player back. What the hell are you doing taking his things? Don't think I don't notice. I've just about had it with you. This trip was a bad idea. Don't knock on the door with your furry hands. I'm going to sleep. Your blanket is on the sofa. Don't try any of that sugar tea stuff with me this time. It's not going to work. You'd done that way too many times and I'm not going to be sheep skinned ever again.